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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  July 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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no surprise there. here is a look at the satellite and radar picture. pretty quiet night overnight. clear skies, a few clouds out there. but for really most of today, we'll stay dry. the chance for showers and storms really late tonight and overnight. but isolated. highs today mid-90s for downtown. 96 manassas. tappahannock up to 97 degrees. annapolis, a place to cool off today. they'll be near 90s then we'll probably see some showers possibly developing later tonight. here is your next three days. we talked about this little mini heat wave. that's today and tomorrow. temperatures around 100 degrees and a chance of showers and storms. here is a look at the roads this morning. with kris. good morning, kris. >> good morning, anny. i've got good news for drivers. green light. no incidents or accidents to report right now. you can see it is nice and quiet. a little bit of yellow there. no real problems. zoom on over to 66 as we take a live look at route 50 going eastbound from 50 past 123 all
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the way to the beltway. things are looking good. no incidents to report. back to our maps, we'll zoom on in down to 95. things are looking great between the prince william parkway to lauren where we take the live look here. starting to see a little bit of volume pick up around lauren up toward 7100. you clear up toward the mixing bowl. no problems there. travel times, southbound 95 from 216 down to the beltway, things are looking good. inner loop in maryland from route 4 past the wilson bridge. no problems. d.c. 295 northbound, starting to pick up a little bit as you can see the arrows pointing up. no incidents or delays to report. >> mike, i'll have a look at the inner loop in virginia coming up at 6:12. >> at the top of the hour, let's get to the stories happening today. prince george's county police will announce an arrest in the murder of richard chang. the storeowner was killed in a fire in bladensburg back in april. he lived in mitchellville. today, you can make
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reservations to visit the national september 11th memorial in new york. it opens to the public september 12th of this year. with big crowds expected, reservations are needed. you can do it online. nasa wants to remind us the heads up on the low-flying air pollution monitoring flights. there will be a few between the beltway and baltimore. expect to see the planes flying low between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. >> also today, we expect to hear from president obama on the tense negotiations over the federal debt ceiling. >> the clock is ticking and bipartisan talks this weekend ended with no deal. >> surae chinn is live on capitol hill with an important story that affects every single one of us. surae? >> well, andrea, mike, the deadline is looming. anxiety on capitol hill. anxiety at the white house. the president will be speaking later on today at a press conference this morning. late last night at the white house, the president met with congressional leaders to hammer out a deal to lower the
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nation's deficit. they met for about an hour and a half. the president trying to push his plan to raise the $14.3 trillion and cut $4 trillion in spending in cuts to healthcare and social security. >> with 9.2% unemployment, it is a terrible idea, it is a job killer. >> you can't do it all on the backs of seniors. you can't slash education and the medicare guarantee. that's a reckless approach. you need a balanced approach. that's what we've said. unfortunately, republicans have said they're more interested in protecting special interest tax breaks whether it is corporate jets, oil and gas companies than getting this deficit under control. >> so, we are talking about, of course, the $14.3 trillion deficit that needs to be raised. the debt ceiling needs to be raised but the big contention is the $4 trillion that president obama wants to cut in the next ten years but that includes increase in taxes and
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cuts in medicare and social security. but senator -- speaker of the house john baber wants to reduce the deficit to $2 or $2.4 trillion. democrats see that as no taxes to the wealthy so they feel like they're giving in on social security, medicare, medicaid. you see how divided these two positions are. we'll see if they can hammer out a deal in ten days. back to you. the president will be holding a press conference later this morning on the progress or lack of on the debt ceiling debate. if you were with us thursday, you saw jessica doyle's excellent report on why these debt ceiling talks matter and what might happen if the u.s. defaulted on its loan. you can watch it again by going to it is very important because it does specify how this affects you. just look under the consumer
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news headline. police had germantown closed for a good part of the morning. >> a pedestrian was struck and killed after 12:30 this morning. montgomery county police are talking to the driver about what happened. >> authorities say the car struck the man in germantown. the victim was not in the crosswalk when he was hit. they rushed him to suburban hospital where he was pronounced dead. his name is not being released. he's from gaithersburg, in his 20sment. a memorial will be held tomorrow in california for former first lady betty ford. she will be buried thursday next to her husband on thursday. she passed away friday, she may be best known for the rehab center that bares her name. the betty ford center has treated more than 90,000 people since 1982. norad says there is no
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connection between three small planes all intercepted for flying too close to camp david. the president and the first family spent the weekend at the maryland retreat. they were never in any danger. camp david is in thurmont, maryland in frederick county. a third got into restricted airspace sunday morning. all three planes landed without incident. the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" already at work. they got a wakeup with a '90s one hit wonder. ♪ i get knocked down but i get up again ♪ >> it went out to mission specialist sandy. we're not quite sure why though. i can't wait to find out that. the crew will move equipment from the shuttle to the space station. the only space station walk of the mission is scheduled for tomorrow. jessica doyle is here with a special "your money" report. >> saving money on when we have to spend it on our pets.
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>> well, some of us love to indulge our pets, andrea. >> because we love our babies. >> sometimes those expenses can really add up. there are ways to cut back without fluffy or fido ever noticing. >> even with the soft economy, there's one area where americans didn't cut back. "consumer reports" found that during the last two years, only 16% of americans scaled back on spending on their furry friends but there are ways to save without leaving your pet feeling any less pampered. comparison shop on food and buy it in bulk. and be wary of premium and super premium labels. it can be tough to gauge just how much a veterinarian should charge so shop around before an emergency strikes. >> shop before the next regular checkup because the price the vet charges for that is a good indicator of what it will
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charge for more complex procedures. >> pets these days have a lot of obesity problems just as a lot of us humans have. obesity can lead to other serious ailments that can make your pet's life difficult and also can be very costly in terms of vet bills. faw your pet needs medicine, consider options other than buying it from the vet's office where there may be a markup. if it is a medicine prescribed to humans, you can probably fill it at a chain drugstore or supermarket pharmacy. >> i know we loew them but we do spend a ton of money on our pets. expect to dish out from $9,000 to $14,000 over a dog's lifetime according to the aspca. i used to have a cat i had on antianxiety medication. it was $40 a month. >> oh, my! >> i didn't know cats could be so stressed out. >> what do they have to be stressed out about? >> good pet owner!
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>> tickets will be released for the virgin mobile free fest concert. 40,000 people attended last year's event. >> it is september 10th at merriweather post pavilion. you have to like virgin mobile live on facebook to get tickets. >> they release adelineup of the concert including the black keys and patty smith. free concert slated for saturday, september 10thment. >> in four minutes, a teenage hero in alexandria is getting credit for saving his neighbors from a burning apartment building. >> at 6:37, it is free slurpee day. learn which city in north america consumes the most slurpees on an average day. >> coming up next, anny has the forecast that will have you reaching for a cold drink. your weather first when 9news now returns. beth!
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you're clear up past 66. no problems there. i'll have a look at maryland
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roads at 6:18. over to you. thank you, kris. the new defense secretary of defense is making his first trip to iraq since taking office. leon panetta wants iraqi forces to make sure rebels aren't getting supplies from iran. >> that's one of the stories making news. the trip to baghdad follows a weekend visit to afghanistan. secretary panetta met with soldiers and awarded several purple hearts. he was sworn in as defense secretary july 1st. a grisly scene in india. 67 people are dead. 100 more hurt after a train derailment in the northern part of that country. early reports say the train driver may have slammed on the brakes when he saw cattle sitting on the tracks. the headline reads thank you and good-bye. england's "news of the world" newspaper printed its final issue sunday after 168 years in business. it was brought down after it was revealed reporters had hacked into the voice mail accounts of murder victims dead soldiers. a 16-year-old boy is being
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credited with saving the lives of his neighbors. he snapped into action when a fire broke out at his apartment complex. >> lindsey mastis met up with him to talk to this young hero. >> when firefighters got here, they were relieved to see everyone inside this 12 family apartment was out. it is unusual because the fire started around 3:00 a.m. when people were sound asleep. that was the time 16-year-old brandon presley was getting home from the movies. >> i went in the building. i pulled the fire alarm. i started banging on everybody's doors saying wake up. >> he worked on waking everyone up inside his building. then he went outside and woke everyone up at the next building and even this building. he said he wasn't going to stop until he knew everyone was outside and across the street at the playground. >> kick in doors, make it so everybody was waking up. >> he had to wake up his mom. >> mom, it's on fire! >> reporter: when he got her to safety -- >> i forgot her phone.
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i had to get her phone. >> it took 60 firefighters 40 minutes to put out the flames but they didn't even know there was a fire until this woman called 911. >> i was sleeping. >> first, she got her 4-year- old daughter to safety. >> my mom wakes me up. i saw the fire up at the house. >> then she started knocking on doors, too. by the time the fire was out, there was more than $100,000 worth of damage. everything can be fixed. brandon hopes that soon so he can focus on his dreams. >> my dream is to go to college, become an accountant, i want to go to george mason. >> he certainly has the personality to accomplish anything he sets his mind to, no matter what the obstacles. in alexandria, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> what a great young man. congratulations on doing a fantastic thing. the building is owned by fairfax county. it is putting up the affected families in a hotel. the fire was caused by some
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sort of electrical malfunction. anny hong is in and she's looking ahead to triple digit numbers in our forecast. >> yeah. we've got a heat wave coming this way. the good news is it is a mini heat wave only lasting a couple of days. if you have the kids today and they don't have any big plans, maybe take them to the pool or to the mall or a good movie because we've got the heat on and the humidity. here's a look at your day planner for your monday. temperatures around 87 by 11:00 lots of sun. 1:00 in the lower 90s. winds will be from the south. we'll have the humidity also increasing today. you're going to feel it. it will be sticky. by 5:00, temperatures around mid-90s. where do we see fog? no major concerns. in culpepper and orange, we may have some reports of some mist as we're heading out the door. cumberland, we've got visibility down to one and a
6:17 am
half miles. around the beltway, perfect. 9, 10 miles. no major issues as far as it is concerned. right now, temperatures, mid- 70s in downtown. 75 in annapolis. fredericksburg cooling down to 70. martinsburg around 70 as well. cumberland you're into the upper 60s. a muggy start as you're heading out the door this morning. for the morning commute, sunglasses not a bad idea. it will be hot and humid today. air quality is unhealthy for our sense at this groups and then tuesday, it is going to be even hotter. here is a look at the future cast to show you what will be happening. we've got high pressure. dry today. lots of sun out there. only a few high level clouds. tonight, may see some showers developing. maybe even overnight. we've got also a chance for some isolated thunderstorms. but they're not expected to be severe and they're only going to be isolated in nature. after that though, once the storms go through, we'll see clear skies overnight. highs for today, around 95 degrees in downtown. 90 in annapolis.
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luray warming up to 92 degrees. cumberland around 94 degrees. average high around d.c. should be upper 80s. we'll be well above that. it will feel uncomfortable for a lot of folks, especially late this afternoon. next three days, mini heat wave. tomorrow, triple digits. i think with the heat indices around 105, heat advisory could be posted. chance of some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. here is your seven-day outlook. all right. so, after tuesday, we're back into the lower 90s on wednesday and thursday. mid-80s by saturday and sunday, partly cloudy conditions. here is kris with your traffic. good morning, kris. >> good morning, anny. we're seeing some problems pop up. we'll start with the yellow light here and take a live look at canal and whitehurst where we're losing one lane due to a water main break. you can see crews are out on the scene working on that. we have another water main break where you're losing the
6:19 am
right lane there over in northwest. let's take a look at sky 9 here. an accident southbound 450 east of whitefield chapel road. you can see the southbound lanes on the left lane gets by. they're working in the northbound lanes on the left turn lane there. crews are on the, trying to clear the accident as soon as possible. going to our cameras, 270, clear from germantown all the way down to the split. you're slowing down from 80 down to 109. >> on the outer loop, we're starting to slow down between new hampshire avenue and university. it is going to cause sun glare that will slow drivers down in that area. >> coming up at 6:25, i'll have an update on this water main break on canal and whitehurst as well as a look at other problems. andrea and mike, over to you. thank you, kris. >> next in sports, the nationals wrap up their first half of the season while u.s. women's soccer plays a classic.
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>> first, it is our question of the morning. over the course of a lifetime, the average person will consume two gallons of what? is it a, maple syrup? b, pool water or c, mouthwash? >> some of the comments from our facebook page include yolanda saying c, mouthwash because a or b are not really important but an average person won't want to walk around with bad breath. join the discussion at we'll have the answer at 6:48.
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good morning. time now,6:23 on your monday. time to get out of bed, get going. we have a hot forecast for you today. temperatures going to warm up into the 90s by noon. mid-90s by 3:00. 6:00, around 93. plenty of sun. notice the winds are going to be out of the south. so, the humidity, yeah, you're going to feel it today.
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here is a look at your sports with andrea and mike. >> the all-star festivities begin tonight in phoenix with the home run derby. >> toronto's jose batista leading the league with 31 home runs. he'll be mashing for the american league. >> the all-star game is tomorrow night. reliever tyler clifford is the national's only representative. he has 63 strike-outs in 51 innings and leads the league with 23 holds. >> phoenix hosted the futures game last night featuring minor leaguers. nationals prospect bryce harper was there. not a good night. he went 0-4 with two strike- outs. team u.s.a. beat the world 6-4. the big league team goes into the all-star break with a .500 record for the first time since 2005. jordan zimmermann went 6 1/3 for the nats sunday giving up four hits, no runs and struck out six rockies. washington blanked colorado 2- 0. d.c. is 46-46 and in fourth place in the n. l. east.
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>> america's win in sunday's women's world cup match is being called one of the most exciting matches ever. it advances our women to the semimatch-up against france. the u.s. was one player short because of a red card. brazil leading 2-1 with seconds left in overtime. amy wombach scores a header. amazing goal. penalty kick. alli kreeger gets the game winning goal. right there. u.s. tops brazil. they are on the semifinals. >> it is 6:25. advice for all parents this summer, how not to overload your child on high calorie, high sugar drinks on a hot day like we'll have today. >> a plus a video showing the crowd squaring off with a police officer in adams morgan. hear what the residents have to say about this. >> kris sneed has a quick check on the traffic. >> we're keeping a look at a couple of incidents. most importantly here on inbound canal at whitehurst. we're tracking a water main
6:26 am
break that has one lane blocked on inbound roads. i'll have more on this coming up at 6:30. 9news now will be right back after these messages.
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good morning, if you're just waking up, the place you always get your weather first. a live look at the u.s. capitol
6:30 am
this morning. 76 degrees. sun starting the day. it is going to heat up in a big way! mid-90s possible. >> absolutely. thank you for starting your monday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard is off this week. anny hong is in instead. she's on the weather terrace with a look at how steamy it is already getting. >> good morning, mike and andrea. it does feel sticky. the humidity will be around for the next couple of days. yeah, that heat, a little mini heat wave. here is a look at your heat wave for this monday. as you're heading out the door, temperatures warming up into the lower 780s. -- in the lower 80s. right now, it is 76 under mostly sunny skies. right now, 73 in college park. our highs for today for where you live, annapolis, 90. leesburg 97. in downtown, 95 degrees. i'll let you know how long the heat sticks around. first, a look at traffic with kris. >> good morning, anny.
6:31 am
we're having problems especially in the district. you see the yellow light we're starting out with. let's take it live out to whitehurst. good news there. inbound, we did have a water main break that was taking away the right lane. crews are out of the way. looks like all lanes are wide open. be aware over in northwest, still tracking a water main break there. blocking the right lane. let's take a look at sky 9 here. live at southbound 450 just southeast of whitfield chapel. we have an accident there all southbound lanes are closed at this moment as they're trying to clear the scene. right now, left lane still getting by after they move the cars out of the way. be prepared for that. avoid the area if possible. we're going to go to our camera. inbound new york and northeast d.c. right now. we're seeing a slowdown from the times building all the way up toward florida avenue. going over to 395 and virginia, northbound, slow from edsel all the way up toward seminary and again as you cross the 14th
6:32 am
street bridge. takenning a look at our trains, metro, vre and marc, we're not seeing any major delays on any of those. everything is looking good. andrea and mike, i'll have a look around the area at 6:46. >> all right, kris, thank you. in just a few hours, president obama will restate his case for both parties to reach a deal on the cret dealing. >> the deadline is three weeks before the united states starts defaulting on its loans. >> surae chinn is tracking this debate. she joins us live from capitol hill. >> three things need to happen. that includes raising the debt ceiling that we've been talking about. also, a deal needs to be reached on a spending package to reduce the deficit and it all needs to be done in ten days or we could be looking at an economic disaster. that's what some leaders are talking about, a lot at stake here. congressional and global leaders are suggesting catastrophic consequences such as the global economy could tank, the stock market could
6:33 am
crash, a downgrade in credit and massive layoffs, even the new head of the international monetary fund is weighing in. >> nasty consequences. not just for the united states but for the entire global economy because the u.s. is such a big player. >> failure is not an option. the question is how good a deal is it going to be. >> continued talks are expected today and all week long. and the president is expected to speak on this later on this morning. we'll hear what he has to say later on today. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live from capitol hill this morning. >> tonight, congressman jim moran is holding a workshop on the federal deficit and budget process. the virginia democrat will explain how the whole thing works. he'll take your ideas on how to solve the budget problem. the meeting runs from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight at wilson boulevard in arlington's
6:34 am
balston neighborhood. more changes for drivers and riders. starting this morning, you can no longer park in the first baptist church lot on miniville road, the one that opened, the park and ride spots were lost at potomac mills mall. prince william county has opened this morning, more than 200 new spots at the lake ridge commuter lot just down the street also on miniville road. a big, new commuter lot is expected to open by next year. that will be on telegram road. >> a man taunting d.c. police is raising concerns about crowd control in adams morgan. the images posted on world star show a rowdy crowd in adams morgan. many in the crowd were encouraging the man to face off against the officer. the officer then tackles the man and arrests him. shop owners in the area say drunken crowds are hurting their businesses. district councilman jim graham says something has to be done. >> i think it is getting worse rather than better and we need a commitment from the police, from more police or we've gotta
6:35 am
-- we can't sustain this level of nightlife here. >> police officials are looking at the video and are investigating what happened. >> a really neat new school program will kick off this week in prince george's county. it is called the middle college program. it is for high school students and it allows them to get college credit and take plases at prince george's county community college. the program begins with an introductory session today. it is first middle college program in the entire state of maryland. 6:35. jessica doyle is back and she's watching your money. >> we're going to start on an up note. things are strong in the washington area comparatively speaking. the jobs recession is still going on around the country with very few signs that will abate any time soon. the labor department on friday reported that employers created only 18,000 jobs in june, far less than what economists were expecting. you need at least 200,000 jobs
6:36 am
created in a month just to keep up with population growth. and the job market could stay sluggish for awhile. the "wall street journal" reports small business executives are reluctant to hire given the soft economy. a u.s. chamber of commerce survey finds 2/3 of small business executives don't plan to hire in the next year. 12% plan to cut jobs. companies are still making money. it turns out chocolate is more profitable than oil. "fortune" magazine finds nestle is the most profitable company in the world. profits hit $32.8 billion, they were up 242%. that beat russian energy's giant and exxon mobil and gazprom. >> slurpee day. >> sorry, couldn't wait. >> today, july 11th, 7-eleven is slurpee day. 7-eleven is giving away free slurpees.
6:37 am
>> each store has a limited supply. we made sure to get to the store early. one close to the station thankfully. each one of these has about -- what? about -- little cups to give away. >> did you know 7-eleven began selling slurpees in 1967 and it was an employee who came up with the name. the city which consumes the most slurpees per capita, winnipeg, manitoba in canada. >> no kidding! >> 6300 slurpees a day sold there. that's more than are sold in the rest of canada each day. in australia, free slurpee day is november 7th. that's because the date there is written with the day then the month. europeans do it differently. >> i've got the blue one. >> i have a red one. >> it tastes a little bit like sherbet. >> mine is yellow and it tastes like root beer. >> our producer dan has pina colada. he said it is awesome. >> of course he saves that one for himself. >> our time coming up on 6:38.
6:38 am
76 degrees right now. heading toward the mid-90s. up next, anny hong tells us when this week we could hit 100. >> you can see the haze over the washington monument. we also have a live look at the beltway and university boulevard. things are moving smoothly. our next timesaver traffic, 7 minutes away. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. do you like it steamy? nasty? bad hair day? today is your day. >> guess what. it gets worse tomorrow.
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>> oh, wow. >> but the good thing is it is a mini heat wave. just a couple of days. i think we'll deal with more comfortable conditions. hey, it is july. we get days like this once in awhile, don't we? as you're waking up, lots of sun out there. here is a look at your day planner. temperatures warming up into the -- upper 80s rake under sunny conditions. you'll feel the humidity. it will be a bad hair day for some of you ladies out there. mid-90s. winds will be out of the south. we'll still feel it to be sticky today. visibility, do we see fog out there? we're on the beltway. nope. no problems. we do see some reports of light mist out toward culpepper, orange, you may see that. petersburg down to one and a half miles. no major fog concerns this morning. currently, temperatures are around 76 degrees in downtown. 70 in manassas. orange already down to 68 degrees. cumberland, 68. hagerstown at 73 degrees on
6:44 am
your monday morning. ok. so, this morning, as you're heading out for your commute. sunglasses not a bad idea. the sun is bright out there. hot and humid by this afternoon. air quality forecasted unquality for our sensitive groups. tuesday is even hotter. here is a look at the future cast. for the rest of today, we'll be dry. lots of sun. a few high-level clouds. maybe a shower and a thunderstorm rolling through. it will be quick and it will be isolated. other than that, we'll see another hot day tomorrow. 95 for today is your high. fredericksburg, 93. winchester 96. annapolis around 90 degrees. the thing is average highs around upper 80s. that means we'll be well above that today and tomorrow. today, 95 once again. a chance for showers and storms. isolated. late tonight, maybe even overnight. the models are kind of -- some are saying around this evening, one saying after midnight.
6:45 am
tuesday, hot at 100 degrees. the heat indices are forecast to be around 105. tomorrow, pretty good chance of a heat advisory in effect. you may want to avoid being outside tomorrow afternoon. also, a chance for scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. wednesday, lower 90s. still hot. at least not triple digits. here's your seven-day outlook. thursday in the mid-80s. right around average if not a couple of degrees below. on saturday, sunday, mid-80s. partly cloudy conditions and we're storm-free. tomorrow, i think we could potentially maybe get close to some records. tie, maybe even beat some records. we'll be watching the numbers tomorrow. here is a look at your monday morning traffic. with kris. good morning, kris. >> good morning, anny. good news for drivers. we do have a yellow light. we still have a couple of problems out there. overall, things are looking good. let's take a look at sky 9. everything is clear here. all lanes are now open in both southbound and northbound directions. let's go to our maps.
6:46 am
checking out northbound at 34th street. we're still losing a right lane for a water main break. the water main break on canal road has cleared. all lanes are open there. going to our cameras, 95 northbound, a couple of slowdowns here at lorton all the way up toward 7100 and again as you approach the mixing bowl. moving over to 66. we're starting to slow down from 50 toward 123. bring some shades, expect sun glare to factor in for drivers. checking out maryland, outer loop still from 95 over to georgia. sun glare will factor in for drivers there as well. i'll have your top traffic stories at 6:58. hot summer day, right? we can expect in the mid-90s. chances are your kids and you possibly going to reach for a cold drink. might have some sugar in it which, if you load up on that, it could be an obesity problem. to put it frank. joining us this morning is
6:47 am
dietitian marie with some suggestions on how to keep your kids cool, hydrated but maybe not so much full of sugar, right? >> i've got four of my favorite summertime bevages -- bever rajs. >> it is chilled, brewed strong coffee. milk and a teeny bit of sugar. then next, i've got a watermelon slushy. it is seedless watermelon with some last raspberries, lemon juice and a touch of honey. >> it is blended? >> it is blended. takes less than a minute. >> really? >> very, very quick. >> next, this is my favorite summertime punch because you can do it on site. i cheated. i used fuze. >> we're going to make something this morning. >> tell me where to start. >> skim milk. you can also use 1% or 2% milk
6:48 am
and then i've got a scoop of whey protein party. you can also use soy. >> sometimes if you're not careful with protein powder, that can pack on pounds, too, if you're not so active. >> exactly. go for the ones that are lower in calories because a lot of protein powders are meant for men building muscle. >> these are? >> that's frozen berry mix. >> that's easy to find. >> easy to find. super easy to find. this is a great breakfast. also a great post-workout shake. it has antioxidants, calcium, vitamins and protein. as we start to blend, what are the detriment things like soft drinks can actually do as far as children are concerned or adults when you're talking about soft drinks and sugar? >> everything in moderation. actually studies show that sugar doesn't make you pack on the pounds, sugar alone doesn't. even if you take the drinks out and you put in diet drinks, people don't lose the weight.
6:49 am
so, basically, it is a portion control. i love the slurpees you had because they were portion controlled. >> small. >> they also make them in bucket size. >> that's the thing. kids are consuming way too many calories, snacking a lot. got the supervise beverages. >> we're close to finished. i just gotta try a little bit. >> you can also add mango if you want a thick shake, frozen mango. >> oh, very good. yeah. yep, yep. even the whey protein goes right in. >> recipes will be on thank you so much for joining us this morning. andrea, over to you. 76 degrees. it is time to answer our question of the morning. over the course a lifetime, the average person will consume two gallons of what? is it a, maple syrup? b, pool water or c, mouthwash? the answer is b, pool water.
6:50 am
yucko! we'll be back. if you're traveling today, i've got your united airlines travel cast. right now, temperature is 72 at dulles international under partly cloudy conditions. head over to chicago, hey, scattered storms are possible today. highs around 91 degrees. same thing for denver. not as hot around 86 with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. vegas, hot and sunny at 101. los angeles, 71. lots of sunshine. very pleasant in southern california. seattle, cloudy conditions. temperatures warming up to around 73 degrees. bring a little extra layer. that's the travel cast. thanks for joining us. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
6:51 am
is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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good morning. time now, 6:53 on your monday morning. heating up today, around 90 by noon. lots of sun. 5:00, 94 degrees. mostly sunny conditions. right now, 76 in downtown. dew point 67. feels kind of sticky out there. the humidity 74%. winds are south-southwest at 6 miles per hour. back to you guys. >> thanks, anny. today is monday, july 11th. here is a check of the news before you go. >> a young man is dead after being hit by a car killed in germantown, maryland. police say he was crossing route 118 around 12:30 this morning. his name is not being released.
6:54 am
the driver did remain on the scene. >> three people were hurt in prince george's county when a police cruiser hit another car. it happened sunday morning on riverdale road and 63rd avenue. all three people were hospitalized. all should survive. prince william and his wife, catherine are back in england. they wrapped up their visit to california on sunday meeting with families of u.s. soldiers stationed in iraq and afghanistan. it was the pair's first official trip since their wedding in april. it is 6:54. up next, we'll tell you the worst traffic spots in the region this morning. spots will you want to avoid. >> the heat switch is on. hani hong has the forecast when 9news returns.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at just before we go, we have one more thing for you. do you know that hugh grant, the actor has a bit of a tie to the world of the news newspaper
6:58 am
in london going down. >> this is amazing. he was at parties and people would bring up things about him that he had revealed in conversations to others and couldn't figure out how they knew about what was going on and he realized his phone was being hacked. >> he had a hunch and he went and he hooked up with one of the reporters from the newspaper and recorded him on a little microphone pen. >> the recordings even talked about money that the paper paid to police officials which is why this is a really big deal now in london. >> more and more people are getting arrested. this was several months back before the whole thing blew up. he had a part in bringing this out to the public. >> amazing. we haven't heard the last of this at all. >> let's hear more about our weather from anny. >> seven-day forecast, hot and steamy today. mid-90s. slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. later tonight, maybe even overnight tuesday. look at that. 100, triple digit mark. maybe we'll set some new
6:59 am
records. the rest of the week, we'll be down to the mid-80s by next weekend. that looks really nice. >> kris? >> taking a look at virginia roads to start off with. 395 northbound, a slowdown from the beltway past seminary. inner loop from braddock all the way up toward galveston, you can see the cars tracking taillights on the right side of your screen. 270, good news for drivers. you can see here at 124, all the way down to the split. traffic is moving well. no problems there. jessica? >> as for wall street, we've been seeing sell-offs in global markets. wall street will head lower at the opening bell. >> thanks, jess. >> "the early show" is next. chris van holland talking about the debt ceiling debate plus a look at the on-going talks to end the nfl walkout. >> kris and i will be back with a live update on traffic and weather. >> if you're at work, go to


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